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Tim Schneider   b.1956

Interest in drawing developed at an early age.  My father was an antique furniture and oil painting restorer, born and trained in Dresden.  As a youngster, our neighbor was artist Grace Spaulding John and she included me for in-house drawing sessions with her grandchildren.  I was fortunate to attend instruction with Yvon Parker and Caroline Graham, who helped me learn to see. Time spent in the studio of John P. Cowan was eye opening. Discussions with my dear friend and artist Erik Sproghe have added much to the painting life. I received drawing foundation training at Glassell School of Art MFAH Houston, Texas. Drawing occupied my art interest for many years.


I attended a Winslow Homer exhibit at Menil, Houston and became enthralled with the paintings. My paint journey began in watercolor.  Visits to the Taft Museum, Cincinnati and the Isabella Gardner Museum, Boston, secured my admiration for European and American 19th and 20th century landscape and marine painting. I now work exclusively in oil.

The paintings are mainly studies of dusk, dawn, moonlight, vaporous weather conditions and phenomena related to land and sea. Of particular interest are strong contrast and subdued color. Painting style is influenced by the American Tonalists, Hague and Barbizon painters of 19th and 20th centuries. Eaton, Inness, Murphy, Mauve and Wyant come to mind as well as many others who possessed the vision and skill to capture ethereal light.

The medium is classical oil paint on gesso prepared linen panels. The paintings have a protective coating of satin conservation varnish.

I have spent many years outdoors, particularly in the Coastal Bend of Texas. The paintings are developed from regional life scenarios through photography and on-site plein air.

Ultimately, I want the painting to emanate light, inviting the viewer into unknown and mysterious places.

Thank you for stopping in.

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